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Welcome from the General Director


Dear Lincoln Families,


Welcome to the 2022-2023 Academic Year at Lincoln International Academy of the Holy Family. We are very proud of the growth and accomplishments of the school during these 31 years and especially the success of our students in recent years. 

The school opened its doors in 1991, and the first High School graduation took place in 1994. Up to now, 1071 students have graduated from the school and have continued their higher education in prestigious colleges around the world; many of them have come back to Nicaragua and currently have their children at LIA.

Lincoln International Academy supports, guides, and challenges students to fulfill their potential in a healthy and safe environment, where they can focus on academics, sports, and social-emotional wellbeing, grow closer to God and mature as Christian young men and women. Be assured that individual assessment and guidance will be facilitated for your children by our faculty and staff.


This year, we will promote the vision and purpose with the students in a different way.   We have developed a set of a visible, clearly defined set of core values that from now on will be shared by the LIA community. The idea is that they are simple and easily understood by all students, and are aligned with mission and values of the school including academic and social-emotional goals:


The Holy Family as our Guide:

Work/Study                                                               Peace                                           Charity

  • I pursue excellence                                         I respect others                           I acknowledge myself as a son/daughter of God

  • I am proactive                                                  I care for my environment         I strive to be of the service to others

  • I look for solutions




As we continue to learn from the rich history of the school, we plan for a better future for our educational community; the Annual Improvement Plan (SIP 2022-2023) includes four goals to improve student learning and school effectiveness:

  • Ensure the health, safety, and social emotional well-being of all students and staff.

  • Cater to the educational, emotional and physical needs of each student by enforcing the practice of differentiated instruction and student-centered learning.

  • Maintain the implementation of a project based approach to STREAM learning and integration of digital resources into teaching, learning and operations.

  • Reinforce the use of relevant data by Educators to implement instructional strategies that ensure and meet students' needs.


Everyone at LIA is very proud of the growth and accomplishments of the institution during its 31 years of operation. It has been a period during which the school has provided quality education, innovative technology advancements, and caring professionals to support students to grow and develop, always with vision for global success. On behalf of the Board of Directors, Administrative team, faculty, and staff, please accept our gratitude for your continuous trust in Lincoln International Academy and the lifelong value that Catholic education provides.


Greetings and Blessings,


Adolfo J. González- General Director

MAD- Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey, México

MEd- Framingham State University, Massachusetts USA

Klingenstein Fellow- Columbia University, NY, USA

Certificate in School Management and Leadership, HGSE, Cambridge, MA, USA

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