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Welcome to the Home of the HAWKS!

You are part of something special! We’re so glad you’re here!

No matter where you are in your journey since graduation we want you to know you’re an important part of  our ever-growing LIA alumni family and we’re so excited to help you connect, reconnect, and stay engaged!

Letter from our General Director

Dear Alumni:

We are very happy to write you and bring about good memories of your years at Lincoln, your school.

You are part of our history and we would like to have special bonds of friendship with all our alumni and create a network. We want you, now grown-ups with tremendous success, to also be part of Lincoln. This is, and always will be, your school, and if you want, the school of your children.


Your opinions and contributions can make the difference in the improvement plan of the school. You are cordially invited to visit the school facilities, see how we have grown, and see what’s new. You can help us make LIA a better school for your children who can enjoy special benefits.

As part of the benefits of being Lincoln Alumni, you receive a Special Discount for Alumni on the entrance fee for all your children valued at $4000! You may get in touch with Mrs. Cris Cerna, Communications, Alumni Relations Office, and find out more information about this (

We will soon organize an alumni reunion (you will be notified ahead of time; we are still in the process of completing the database). Hoping to hear from all of you soon, receive our warmest regards and blessings!

Adolfo J. González
Institutional Director

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