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The primary mission of Lincoln International Academy Counseling Program is to offer personal guidance and support to students in school in order to facilitate a clear understanding of their personal, emotional, social and academic needs as they mature and develop. The primary vision of the counselors is to empower students with the necessary tools to become positive, healthy, self-fulfilling and responsible members of the school community and society in general. 

Counselors provide counseling services to all students through classroom guidance lessons, small group discussions and individual assistance. The counselors make themselves available to students, parents and school personnel to facilitate the understanding of the normal developmental stages that children go throughout their academic life, provide guidance in school affairs and personal concerns. The pivotal strands of the PK-12 Counseling program are as follow: 

• Personal and Social Counseling
• Academic Counseling/Learning Support
• Career and College counseling

LIA Counseling Department is divided into Preschool, Elementary School, Middle School, High School and College Counseling. Altogether, 4 counselors form the LIA Counseling Department. There is one PK2-4th grade counselor, one counselor for 5th -12th grade,  a College Counselor and a Learning Support Specialist for PK2-12th

The counseling department assists the LIA community in any emergency or crisis situation. The counseling department does not provide formal clinical assistance that exceeds the normal responsibilities of an educational institution. Counselors make every effort to identify students who are struggling to cope with difficulties and refer them for outside assistance with mental health professionals in those cases that require clinical intervention. The counselors engage in personal and family counseling when called upon in addition to academic counseling. 

By focusing on all members of the LIA community, students, teachers and parents, the Counseling Department seeks to fulfill its mission and serve the community in the most responsible, professional and devoted fashion possible and ensure that all students have access to and are best possibly prepared for the development of his or her potential and to become a responsible member of society. 


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