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Safe Environment Program


Dear LIA families,

My goal is for every person who enters our school to feel seen, appreciated, valued, respected, and safe. My passion is to ensure the healthy development of our children and young people, providing them with life skills such as self-awareness, self-regulation, good decision-making, social awareness, and the ability to be an active and positive member of society. 

Roberta Belli
Social-Emotional Coach
Safe Environment Coordinator


Lincoln International Academy is proud to be the first Nicaraguan school to have a dynamic, updated, and effective program to promote the well-being of all students. Our Safe Environment program aims to ensure that every student feels valued, heard, seen, considered, cared for, and respected at all times during their school life. The program, which includes various essential elements to provide a comprehensive personal education, encompasses the following formative pillars:​

  • Development of a Growth Mindset

  • Bullying Prevention and Empathy Promotion

  • Socio-Emotional Development with the Second Step Program

  • Campaigns to promote well-being and raise awareness of relevant issues in students' lives

  • Child protection for students, teachers, and parents

  • Training in making good decisions

  • Education about the effects of harmful substances and their impact on development

  • Child protection manual

  • Code of Ethics

  • Comprehensive hiring measures

Our goal is for EVERYONE to be in a safe environment. We invite our parents to join and form a united, integrated, kind, and morally strong LIA community so that our students become responsible, empathetic, and capable men and women who can build strong families in the future.

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