Dear Parents, Students and HS Community,

As your High School Principal for the 2019-2020 academic year, it is my pleasure to welcome returning and new students for another great year at LIA.  The High School faculty and staff aims to guide, assist and challenge our students to continually grow in the spiritual and moral values that define our Catholic faith while providing a demanding academic curriculum and high expectations that will guarantee their success in college and beyond.

My philosophy in teaching is to believe in each student and teach him or her to believe in them. I am confident that all of our students can be successful if they come prepared for school, work hard in the classroom with their teachers to achieve academic mastery, are consistent in their efforts, seek help and guidance when needed and last but not least, get involved in their school in extracurricular sports and learning service programs. 

The school provides the atmosphere where the educational experiences and associated learning will take place, but it is our teachers that make all the difference as they guide the students through the learning process and act as models and mentors who provide a safe environment for all of our students to succeed, motivating them to excel and help them use their God given talents to grow, mature and be ready to transition from one grade to the next and to their future college life. We believe that every student can learn and every student learns differently.  The faculty and support staff continually improve their capabilities to effectively reach each and every student and provide them with the best possible learning opportunities. 

Some of the goals for this year is to provide a safe learning environment for all who come to our campus, grow in technology integration and continue to create a community of trust, faith, academics and family.  Students and staff deserve a school and work environment where they feel safe and comfortable and where they can garner the experiences and skills to move ahead with self-assurance and expertise.

I am looking forward to get to know all the families in High School, connecting in positive and constructive ways with our students and parents, faculty and staff, and LIA community members.

It takes all of us, working together, to help our students meet and exceed our expectations.  Should you need anything, please let me know, I am here to support you in any way possible for the benefit of our students.

This will be an exciting year and I am proud to be a part of it!

God bless you!

Thelma Vogel-High School Principal

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