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Media Center

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At Lincoln International Academy, I proudly serve as a Media Center Specialist, bringing my profound enthusiasm for education, art, and artificial intelligence to our educational community. Boasting over 15 years of experience in both middle and higher education, my primary mission is to empower our students and educators by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize Google tools, thereby enhancing their learning experiences and fostering strategic communication within the classroom. My background also includes expertise in 2D and 3D design, adding a creative dimension to our academic environment, and encouraging artistic expression and innovation.

Dedicated to the holistic development of our students, I am genuinely excited about contributing to their academic and personal growth within this esteemed institution. Welcome to Lincoln International Academy, where the synergy of education and technology opens the door to limitless opportunities!

What our Media Center is all about


Lincoln has invested in redesigning our traditional library into a Media Center that focuses on providing a space for students´ interactive curricula, collaborative assignments, technology, and media content production classrooms for community engagement. Our remodel includes dividing the library into 5 zones. 


  1. The Kidz Zone

  2. The Recording Studio

  3. The MS/HS Zone

  4. The Makerspace

  5. A Multipurpose Room


The Multipurpose and MS/HS Zone are simple, yet functional spaces reserved for our older students. They were created primarily for reading, collaboration, and film studies. Students can book the multipurpose room for private use to practice presentations, study groups, and the like. 


The Kidz Zone was designed to spark imagination and joy for reading for our pre-k and elementary students. And finally, the Makerspace Zone includes a wide array of STEM projects that ignite creativity and problem-solving skills. 


The main mission of Lincoln International Academy (LIA) is to foster a lifelong joy and love for reading. It also serves to create a student-centered library media center which provides a safe and, nurturing environment in which students can successfully seek information and ideas for their educational, informational, and recreational needs. The library seeks to promote an appreciation of literature enabling students to interpret meaning from various forms of texts literature as they become lifelong readers and learners.

The library seeks to ensure that our students acquire the necessary information literacy skills they will need to become productive learners with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the lead successful meaningful lives in the 21st century. This mission recognizes the essential role of the school library program in the educational process as students reach their full potential.

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  • Physical and electronic items: Books, ebooks, audiobooks, DVDs, CDs, Magazines and Newspapers.

  • Chromium OS Workstations

  • Wifi access for students and teachers devices.

  • Audiovisual Multipurpose Room and equiped with pment:DVD player, laptop and 43" TV

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