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LIA is an active member of Tri Association, and the Association of American Schools of Central America since 20__ where we participate in rigorous international competitions across schools in Central America with the following sports:

- Soccer

- Swimming

- Volleball


Dear LIA Hawks community;

Welcome to the 2022-2023 athletics season.


The practice of a sport at Lincoln International Academy promotes among student-athletes the opportunity of building lifetime concepts such as teamwork, self-esteem, sportsmanship, and fair play. Our athletics program definitely helps the individual to get a well-rounded educational experience.


LIA has excellent student-athletes, who work very hard every day to become the best on and off the courts and fields. As the school´s athletic director, I encourage all of you to recognize their efforts by joining us throughout the season at one of our many athletic events.


I would also like to remind everyone, especially those who have children participating in our sports program that being the parent of a student-athlete is often a very challenging task since the competitive sports experience is much different from the recreational sports experience. 


While recreational sports offers all participants equal participation, at interscholastic competitions, playing time is earned and not guaranteed. Student-athletes earn playing time through good work ethics during training sessions, skill development, and overall team attitude.


Once again, I look forward to working hard with all of you as it is only through the commitment of our dedicated student-athletes, their parents, and staff that the LIA athletic program can enjoy the desired success.



Pierre F. Roberts

Athletics Director

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Swimming program

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Training schedules

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